Central Virginia Antique Tractor Pulling Asscociation

   Central Virginia Antique Tractor Pulling Association
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A big thanks goes out to all who helped out this year. We continue to count on all of your help and support. Thanks for a great 2018

As always the tractor classes offered will be "A", "B", "C", "D", Modified, Non-Turbo, and a new Run What You Brung Class.  We'll also have truck classes at a few pulls (Classes may vary depending on the pull location, check the schedule.) On the two-day pulls we'll pull heavy to light on Saturday and light to heavy on Sunday.  The 2017 Rules for all classes are also posted. The Points System will be as follows:  1ST Place = 5 Points; 2nd Place = 4 Points; 3rd Place = 3 Points; 4th Place = 2 Points; All Others = 1 Point.  Please note that points will be counted for members effective the date they join.  Points awards will be given at the end-of-season banquet, and only Club members will receive points for pulls.  All pulls will count for points, but points for one pull will be dropped (lowest points pull).

The hook fee will be $15.00 per hook for "A" and "B" Classes, $30.00 per hook for "C", "D", Modified, Truck Classes, and the Run What You Brung Classes.  (At the pulls where we have the non-speed limit classes and trucks pulling at night, there will be purse money awarded.)  And remember……Please try to register on time, and be sure you’re in line when your time comes to pull as this will avoid unnecessary delays. 

Now is the time to sign up for 2018 membership if you want to be eligible to receive points.  Even if you don’t plan to pull this year but will be attending the pulls, your membership is always welcome as the fee helps with the many expenses the Club encounters during the year.  The annual membership fee is $25.00.  If you wish to sign up and haven’t already done so, please provide your name, address, and phone number, and mail it to Cynthia Edwards , along with your check for the fee, at 15064 Foursquare Road, Smithfield, Virginia 23430. Please make your check payable to Central Virginia Antique Tractor Pulling Association, or CVATPA.  If you’re paying for more than one member, please indicate on the form. 

We look forward to seeing you again at the Pulls this year, and Always Remember……Safety First!