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Central Virginia Antique Tractor Pulling Association News and Updates

     Check in here for any updates and information from board members.  All messages will be cataloged from newest to oldest.

January 10th:         2016 Annual Banquet / Meeting

October 29, 2016

The annual meeting started with lunch and the presentation of the Points Champion for each class.

2750A                    Amber  Edwards                                              6000A                                    Chris Chewning

3000A                    Amber  Edwards                                               6000B                                    Steve Scott        

3500A                    Buz Edwards                                                      6000C                                    Steve Scott

3500B                    Darrell Scott                                                       7000A                                    Chris Chewning

3500C                    Darrell Scott                                                       7000B                                   Steve Scott

4000A                    Buz Edwards                                                      8000A                                    Chris Chewning

4000B                    Alan Elliott                                                           9000A                                    Chris Chewning

4000C                    Alan Elliott                                                           10000A                                 Connor Edwards

4500A                    Travis Beavon                                                    11000A                                 Elmer Oakes

4500B                    Curtis Elliott                                                        12000A                                 Elmer Oakes

4500C                    Curtis Elliott                                                        4500 Mod                           Wayne Spencer

5000A                    Dan Billups                                                          5500 NonTurbo                Buck Hanes

5000B                    Steve Scott                                                         6000 NonTurbo                Buck Hanes

Officers were discussed. All  current officers are willing to continue in their position. 

President:                                           Carlton Carter

Vice President:                                  Jason Wright

Treasurer:                                           Jim LaPoint

Secretary:                                           Cynthia Edwards

Co-Secretary:                                    Amber Edwards

Board Members:
We voted to remove Gary Coffey and Kevin English from the Board, as they were not members for the 2016 year.

Current Board                                   

Carlton Carter                    Rocky Meadows               Wilson Spencer               
Jason Wright                      Chris Edwards                    Darrel Scott

Jim LaPoint                         Alan Elliott                           Curtis Elliott

Cynthia Edwards              Elmer Oakes

That makes the Board have 11 members and an odd number is preferred.

 Floor open for discussion:

1) Discussion on adding a 5,500A and 5,500B class. 

Motion was made to add a 5500A and 5500B class.

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed

 2) Points Award Discussion:  Awarding points regardless of membership did not impact the outcome of the Points Champion.  Awarding points by membership is easier for recording purposes.

Motion was made to award points by the place members’ finish, excluding non-members.  

          Ex:  The highest finishing member will receive 5 points.

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

3) Discussion on requirements for Points Champion in a class.  We cannot locate requirements in old minutes and want to be sure that it is documented.

Motion was made that a member must have at least 12 points in order to be the Points Champion in a class.    

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

4) Discussion on the 8,000 and 9,000A class tire requirements. They would like to increase the footprint to 320 sq in, due to SAT tires.

Motion was made to increase the tire footprint for the 8,000-9,000A class from 300 to 320 sq in.

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

 5) Discussion on dropping one pull. If a person cannot attend all the pulls, that hurts them in the points. They would like to be able to drop one pull.  Suggested that the lowest point pull for each member would be dropped.

Motion was made to drop the lowest point pull for each member towards Point Champions. 

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

 6) Discussion: Can an A class tractor pull in a B class on the same day, as long as not in the same weight class?

Motion was made to leave the rules as they are. 

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

7) Discussion: Can B class tractors have working governors OR rev limiters. 

Motion was made to leave the rules as they are.

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

8) Wheelie Bar Specifications:  The wording in Rules implies that CVATPA will inspect and approve wheelie bars. That is not the case. CVATPA will just confirm if tractor has them or not. Not that they are properly installed.

Motion was made to remove Note 2: “The wheelie bars and drawbars will be inspected by CVATPA officials while tractor is on the scales being weighed.” And add in Note 1: “To Test, the owner should jack up the pads…”

Motion was seconded, voted on and passed.

 9) It was asked if we would have shirts, hats, etc for the Club to sell again.  

Cynthia will work with a vendor and obtain pricing for items.  We would like to do several special orders instead of having inventory on hand.

 10) Discussion on scales and if we should not allow 250#. Just give 1%. 

We give the 250# to allow that the club requires wheelie bars. If we remove that then it effects the 2750 class tractors.  Carlton will work on the scales over the winter and if necessary send them off to be recalibrated.

 6) Pull locations for 2017.  Discussion on moving Isle of Wight from June to Sept.  No other locations were suggested.  We should try and have pulls at locations that require minimum movement of the sleds. If we can pull Powhatan the end of April, and then again in May  or June that would reduce movement.  Carlton will take that into account as he plans the schedule. Unfortunately many of our pulls are during Fairs and there dates are not set by us.

 7) Jimmy Carr made a St Judes challenge. He asked every member to donate to St Judes.

 8) Discussion on if Art would be willing to announce again for 2017. We need to work on a solution for transporting the Audio equipment.  The Board will work on that during the winter months.

 9) Discussion on Points Champion trophy versus a jacket, or some other item.  Trophy cost is $15. Jackets would be more than that.  Cynthia will work with vendor to determine some different options.

Suggestion was that member purchase the jacket, and the Club pay for embroidering.

 Meeting adjourned

July 27th note:

Congratulations to all the pullers for the effort put in these past two weekends. It has been really hot, but we have all tried to look out for each other. It is much appreciated when pullers pitch in and take a few shifts helping out on the track. We're all in this together, so watch our backs. We want everyone to be safe and be able to have a good time, even in this weather this year.

June 18th update: A vote was taken at the Isle of Wight pull, and it was decided to add a two day pull at Powhatan on Sept 10th and 11th.

May 6th update: South Boston cancelled due to rain

May 1st update: Powhatan cancelled for Sunday May 1st due to rain.

April 7th update:  Millers Tavern April 9th at Dragon Motorsports has been cancelled by the venue due to weather.

Following a quick board teleconference on 3/6:

It has been voted that there will be no split dues for points or non points members. We will be going back to $25 dues.  This decision is based on the feedback heard from the members after hearing of the vote in the fall.
The points will still be as voted at the banquet.  You will receive points according to how you place, regardless of members status.  Example:  A current club member finishes third behind two non members, the current member will
be awarded third place points.  Points will still be 5pts for 1st, 4pts for 2nd, 3pts for 3rd, 2pts for 4th, and a point for completing a pull.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for clarification.

Congratulations to all the 2015 End of the Year Points Champions
2750A           Connor Edwards                   7000A                     Elmer Oakes
3000A           Connor Edwards                   7000B                     Steve Scot
3500A           Cynthia Edwards                  7000C                     Jim LaPoint
3500B           Darrell Scott                          8000A                    Larry Chappell
3500C           Connor Edwards                    9000A                    Elmer Oakes
4000A           Don Bolenske                        9000B                    Dylan Simmons
4000B           Alan Elliott                            10000A                  Elmer Oakes
4000C           Alan Elliott                            10000B                  Wilson Spencer
4500A           Don Bolenske                        11000A                  Chris Edwards
4500B           Curtis Elliott                          11000B                  Wilson Spencer
4500C           Curtis Elliott                          12000A                  Chris Edwards
5000A           Don Bolenske                       12000B                  Wayne Spencer
5000B           Curtis Elliott                         4350 Mod                Wayne Spencer
5000C           Connor Edwards                   4500 Mod                Wayne Spencer
5500C           Connor Edwards                   4800 Mod                Wayne Spencer
6000A           Elmer Oakes                         5500 NonTurbo           Buck Hanes
6000B           Alan Elliott                           6000 NonTurbo           Buck Hanes
6000C           Steve Scott
6500C           Jim LaPoint

The following was decided at the Annual Meeting:

1) Points will be assigned by the place you finished, regardless of who finished ahead of you.
    Example: If a member finished 3rd, behind 2 non members, he would receive 3 points. (not the 5 points for being the first member, as in the past)
2) Peggy Meadows announced that she will not be Treasurer for 2016. Jim LaPoint was nominated and voted in. We want to thank Peggy for her many years of service to the club.  She will no longer be Treasurer, but will still be at all the pulls, maybe even back on her tractor!
3) Larry Moon resigned from the Board. It was decided not to replace this position, as it leaves the Board with a desired odd number. We want to thank Larry foll all his years of dedication and service to the club. We hope to still see him at pulls.