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It's 2016, and the pulling season is about to begin. Hopefully everyone will be ready for Millers Tavern in April. Look forward to seeing you all there.  Good luck everyone and safe travels.

The new tentative schedule is now posted. Be aware that more pulls could be added, but these are confirmed so far.

Congratulations to all the 2015 End of the Year Points Champions
2750A           Connor Edwards                   7000A                     Elmer Oakes
3000A           Connor Edwards                   7000B                     Steve Scot
3500A           Cynthia Edwards                  7000C                     Jim LaPoint
3500B           Darrell Scott                          8000A                    Larry Chappell
3500C           Connor Edwards                    9000A                    Elmer Oakes
4000A           Don Bolenske                        9000B                    Dylan Simmons
4000B           Alan Elliott                            10000A                  Elmer Oakes
4000C           Alan Elliott                            10000B                  Wilson Spencer
4500A           Don Bolenske                        11000A                  Chris Edwards
4500B           Curtis Elliott                          11000B                  Wilson Spencer
4500C           Curtis Elliott                          12000A                  Chris Edwards
5000A           Don Bolenske                       12000B                  Wayne Spencer
5000B           Curtis Elliott                         4350 Mod                Wayne Spencer
5000C           Connor Edwards                   4500 Mod                Wayne Spencer
5500C           Connor Edwards                   4800 Mod                Wayne Spencer
6000A           Elmer Oakes                         5500 NonTurbo           Buck Hanes
6000B           Alan Elliott                           6000 NonTurbo           Buck Hanes
6000C           Steve Scott
6500C           Jim LaPoint

The following was decided at the Annual Meeting:
1) Dues for members will be $25. For those members who want to earn points, the dues will be $40.
     It was discussed that in the past there were people who wanted to be members, but could not attend all the pulls. They did not join so it would not effect the points for others.
     This will allow people to become a member and attend the pulls that they can, without the worry of points.
2) Points will be assigned by the place you finished, regardless of who finished ahead of you.
    If a Points Member finished 3rd, behind a non member on Non-points member, he would recieve 3 points. (not the 5 points for being the first member, as in the past)
3) Peggy Meadows announced that she will not be Treasurer for 2016. JIm LaPoint was nominated and voted in. We want to thank Peggy for her many years of service to the club.
   She will no longer be Treasurer, but will still be at all the pulls, maybe even back on her tractor!
4) Larry Moon resigned from the Board. It was decided not to replace this position, as it leaves the Board with a desired odd number. We want to thank Larry foll all his years of dedication and service to the club. We hope to still see him at pulls.

As always the tractor classes offered will be "A", "B", "C", Modified, Turbo, Non-Turbo and 13,500 Farm Stock.  We'll also have truck classes at a few pulls.  Truck classes offered will be 6200 Street Gas; 6300 Modified Street; 6400 Super Street; 8000 Street Diesel; 8000 Hot Street Diesel; Stock Semi.  (Classes may vary depending on the pull location, check the schedule.) The 2015 Pull Schedule will be posted on this website and updates will be made as soon as info becomes available.  On the two-day pulls we'll pull heavy to light on Saturday and light to heavy on Sunday.  The 2015 Rules for all classes are also posted. The Points System will remain the same:  1ST Place = 5 Points; 2nd Place = 4 Points; 3rd Place = 3 Points; 4th Place = 2 Points; All Others = 1 Point.  Please note that points will be counted for members effective the date they join.  Both tractor and truck pullers will receive points and  all pulls will count for points!  Points awards will be given at the end-of-season banquet, and only Club members will receive points for pulls. 

The hook fee will be $15.00 per hook for "A" and "B" Classes, and $20.00 per hook for all other classes when we do the 50% payback.  (At the pulls where we have the non-speed limit classes and trucks pulling at night, there will be purse money awarded.)  And remember……Please try to register on time, and be sure you’re in line when your time comes to pull as this will avoid unnecessary delays. 

Now is the time to sign up for 2015 membership if you want to be eligible to receive points.  Even if you don’t plan to pull this year but will be attending the pulls, your membership is always welcome as the fee helps with the many expenses the Club encounters during the year.  The annual membership fee is $25.00.  If you wish to sign up and haven’t already done so, please print and fill out the membership form below and mail it to Cynthia Edwards , along with your check for the fee, at 15064 Four Square Road, Smithfield, Virginia 23430. Please make your check payable to Central Virginia Antique Tractor Pulling Association, or CVATPA.  If you’re paying for more than one member, please indicate on the form. 

We look forward to seeing you again at the Pulls this year, and Always Remember……Safety First!